So you want to know who I am?

A husband. A father. An entrepreneur.

I joined the military in 1997 and was in the Army until 2000. I deployed overseas once to Haiti and that experience taught me what it’s like to be truly privileged. In America we are quick to take for granted how great we really have it. When you see death upfront and close like that…when you see poverty at the scale that it is in Haiti, America is suddenly the land of dreams.

My dream of entrepreneurship stems from growing up in an entrepreneurial home. Seeing the failures and successes of their business drove me to want more. It wasn’t until 2004 that I started my first business – Indy Home Zone. It was a local newspaper I designed, had printed, and distributed myself for almost a year. That was the first time I really dug into digital marketing and web design. From that experience a number of websites spawned. Product launch websites, affiliate sites, blogs, eCommerce, AdSense, you name it. I was hooked.

As I was learning a ton and realized that I could start to coach people that wanted to start their own online business. This ranged from local businesses to people just wanting to get a hobby site up. I still do that…just on a larger scale.

Aside from a number of websites I own and manage, I also run BlueNorth Marketing. This lifestyle is like no other out there. I’ve made it a goal of mine to help others find their path to freedom.

Jason Whitfield